Local Case Studies

TSI supported this 10 man local single site consulting organization since 2009. TSI redesigned this organization’s WAN connectivity with Broadband voice and data services to increase overall Internet access throughput and significantly reduce monthly recurring expenditures along with implementing secure Firewall and Wireless access appliances.

Additionally, all Cellular PDA integration was implemented to support multiple individual cellular services and applications. TSI instituted a Microsoft Exchange Mail and Corporate Servers along with managed virtual Back Up facilities. TSI also provides ongoing Managed LAN Services and management reports. They include all; Wide Area Network trouble reporting, Infrastructure and Server hardware support along with Managed desktop / laptop services. TSI continues to provide all new LAN application services on an as needed basis.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.59.58 PM


TSI provided Strategic Planning for this Client since 1990. Some of our many projects include; Strategic planning and WAN design for Wholesale Food operation. TSI was retained in 2004 to modify their WAN topology design to consolidate multiple technologies; Frame Relay, Point to Point and multiple carriers for an 80 store operation to a MPLS platform with greater bandwidth, a single carrier and lower Monthly recurring cost. TSI’s design included redundancy for fault tolerance. The overall network architecture was provided along with all data communications hardware and security Firewall recommendations.

Our latest project effort for this Client in 2009 “REPLACED” the existing MPLS network and converged to a Broadband VPN network architecture reducing their overall recurring monthly WAN expenditures by approximately 70%. TSI, Inc assisted the Client with the implementation of the Carrier circuit orders and all DCE hardware configurations. The Client continues to add store locations.


TSI provided this International Client with sites in the Domestic US and Australia; multiple Carrier WAN recommendation options along with pricing and implementation services. TSI also, integrated a WAN appliance solution that bonds and aggregates multiple dissimilar Internet Access bandwidths – Metro-E, Cable broadband, T-1 and DSL while additionally providing network failover capabilities for both VoIP and data connectivity.

TSI further provides DATA / LAN support services to this Client on an as needed basis. TSI was involved with the reconfiguration of their Infrastructure Switching and Firewall hardware to allow the reconfiguration of network VPN routing along with the integration of all Switching infrastructure to the new WAN. TSI continues to provides ongoing LAN services.

TSI has provided strategic planning for this agency since 1985. Some of our many project have included; strategic planning, system acquisition and project management – Designed RFPs, vendor and system selection, contract negotiations and implementation of Wiring, PBX and Data Network for multiple sites of a global enterprise. As additional growth was needed in their current building in Harrisburg there was a need to expand their operations geographically. TSI’s latest project was to institute a new seamless, fault tolerant network from their current Host location in PA to a new local Remote 100 seat Call Center across town and a new 75 seat International Call Center located in Central America for VoIP, Data and Video services all back to their Host site. While getting it all done in a very short window TSI additionally recommended an appliance to reduce WAN expenditures while providing full network redundancy and bandwidth aggregation. TSI continues to provide Managed LAN services, ongoing support, excellent advice and continue to bring new technology to assist Client with ongoing cost reduction and control while providing redundancy and increased service capability.


TSI provided Strategic Planning for this Client since 1989. Some of our many projects include; RFP development for IP telephony system acquisition and project management for a Wholesale and Distribution Cable Supplies Company – WAN and LAN redesign, system RFP development, distribution, evaluation, system and vendor selection and implementation of VoIP PBX and voice/data & video network in (14) locations (3) in Canada and (1) in Mexico.


Web Services

New Website

Daily Rain Irrigation was created, and started servicing and installing in 2007. Since then they have grown to be the area’s leader in irrigation systems and servicing. Combined we have over 50 years of experience installing and servicing irrigation in Northeast Pennsylvania and beyond.

This is the company’s first web site and it was developed to feature their main services. The site is also used as a lead generation tool.

  • Product and services information
  • Social Media Intergration
  • Automated Forms
  • State of the art hosting and data backup
  • The site is optimized for Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Site Analytics with Webmaster Tool Integration

Social Media Campaign

New York Jets WR David Nelson, Veza Bands, Stoney Creek Creative and Jets Twit collaborated to do a social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Veza donated multiple bands to Jets Twit to target the sports market and specifically David Nelson’s fans.

Veza creates stylish wristband designs that can be worn by all, from teenagers to adults,
business professionals to athletes and for all occasions.

David Nelson has partnered with Veza to offer his own band in Blue and Black to support i’mME. (http://www.imme.org/) David’s charity exists to help Orphans in Haiti and around the world by providing resources to help them grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Campaign included the following services:

  • Form Design and Development
  • To qualify for the giveaway, fans had to “like” the Jets Twit facebook page and fill out a quick form.
  • The Form was tied to an email database.
  • A timer widget was included to give a sense of urgency and to define a clear deadline.
  • All names were collected with emails.  The client Veza have hundreds of names to market to the fans who did not win to purchase their products directly from their site.
  • Banners were created along with text proven to bring in users from the different social media sites.
  • David Nelson Retweeted (RT’d) the tweet below and sent it to his 85K followers.

Example of Tweet


Logo Design for a Start-up

SMS Nation is a new start and needed a new brand to convey high tech specifically for the mobile industry.  The logo creation process starts from an idea and as you can see for the concepts, leads to the final product through discussions and reiterations if necessary.

Final Logo Design


Logo Design for a 65 Year Old Company

Munoz & Munoz Insurance is a company that had generational ties to it’s 65 year old history.  The new partner realized it was time to finally put a brand to this insurance company.  The logo was designed with their heritage in mind.